An Interactive Recycling Education Program that Gets Youth Moving

Recycle on the Run is an extreme obstacle course conducted outdoors or in large indoor spaces that combines football drills with fun, environmental trivia challenges.  This competitive brain teaser brings new meaning to the word “Edutainment”.

Recycle on the Run recently hosted a featured event on behalf of the U.S. Department of State in partnership with Sports United and is regularly engaged in Green Expos and celebrations of the environment in the U.S. and abroad.  Our goal is to bring this innovative high energy event nationwide.

An interactive experience combining football drills and hands-on environmental brain teasers and recycle  hacks, this extreme obstacle course brings new  meaning to the word “edutainment.”

The course provides 7-10 obstacles in a safe and supervised environment, making it perfect for kids and their spectators. It also inspires fun competition with two participants at a time in a relay-style format. 

  • Number of Participants: 50 - 60 Kids

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