Inspiring the next

Inspiring the next Generation


The Ovie Mughelli Foundation addresses the world’s sustainability and STEM crisis by convening thought leaders for solutions and developing technology, programs, and curriculum that educate and train a pipeline of diverse individuals to become STEM professionals and a generation of eco-conscious citizens globally.

Who We Are

The Ovie Mughelli Foundation is a 501 ( c) 3 federal tax-exempt organization that supports the social, mental, and physical development of youth. The OMF developed the Gridiron Green concept and comic to engage black and brown youth in efforts for a more sustainable earth. The foundation is based in Atlanta, Georgia.

What We Do

We leverage our partners’ global platform, reach, and unified mission to maximize exposure and create awareness of environmental actions and their impact on the world. The foundation’s five signature initiatives use the popularity and fun of sports, entertainment, and technology to educate youth about the UN Sustainable Development Goals, inspiring them to take action. Ovie places particular focus on reaching vulnerable underserved communities since they are disproportionately affected by climate change issues, yet tend to be the least informed about the risks.

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