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Our MIssion

OMF Green - Empowering the Next Generation of Stem Learners

The Ovie Mughelli Foundation addresses the world’s sustainability and STEM crisis by convening thought leaders for solutions and developing technology, programs, and curriculum that educate and train a pipeline of diverse individuals to become STEM professionals and a generation of eco-conscious citizens globally.

Empowering the Next Generation
Through Environmental Education

What We Do

We leverage our partners’ global platform, reach, and unified mission to maximize exposure and create awareness of environmental actions and their impact on the world. The foundation’s five signature initiatives use the popularity and fun of sports, entertainment, and technology to educate youth about the UN Sustainable Development Goals, inspiring them to take action. Ovie places particular focus on reaching vulnerable underserved communities since they are disproportionately affected by climate change issues, yet tend to be the least informed about the risks.

Gridiron Green

Comic Book, Curriculum & Gamification

OMF Green Gamification

Our Most Popular Program Highlights Our Gridiron Green Comic To Educate Kids And Teens About The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We Are On A Global Mission To Empower Our Next Generation Of Environmental Leaders. We have been working in collaboration with Unicef and Comics Uniting Nations to broaden our audiences and leverage a global platform, creating larger impact and engagement across diverse communities.

In short, this program Educates our youth on environmental problems and the impact, Expands their knowledge to make practical changes to save our planet, and Empowers them to take charge and make a difference.


Educating the next generation of environmental leaders
through Sports, Entertainment and Technology


This one and a half day Football and Eco-Education camp will teach students high level football drills alongside professional trainers and former NFL players. Additionally, participants will go through a “round robin” session of environmental workshops, ROR activities and “game show’ activities all to test their “eco-knowledge”.

Recycle on the Run

Recycle on the Run is an obstacle course that blends the physical activity of football along with key environmental concepts or “brain teasers”. Participants have their football skills tested while also testing their “green IQ” by answering questions and hitting football targets that enter our landfill.

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