The Ovie Mughelli Foundation's Mission

The Ovie Mughelli Foundation addresses the world’s sustainability
and STEM crisis by convening thought leaders for solutions and developing technology, programs, and curriculum that educate and train a pipeline of diverse individuals to become STEM professionals and a generation of eco-conscious citizens globally.

Ovie Mughelli is a retired professional athlete, turned environmental advocate.

During his nine seasons playing in the National Football League, Ovie was considered one of the best fullbacks in the NFL, was the first Pro Bowl Fullback in the history of the Atlanta Falcons, and earned All Pro honors twice while playing for the Atlanta Falcons and the Baltimore Ravens.

Ovie continues to leverage his platform as Founder and President of the Ovie Mughelli Foundation, as an environmental spokesperson, advocate and author, media correspondent, and business owner of a medical consulting firm. The Ovie Mughelli Foundation has a vested interest in empowering and educating youth as well as the less engaged, diverse communities to become the next generation of environmental change agents.

Ovie is a devoted husband and father of three young children. Becoming a father awakened Ovie to the connection of human health to our planet's health through a series of family difficulties when his two youngest children were born premature. Ovie recognized that we need a shift in our culture of how we the people connect with, see and treat our planet -- we can't breathe if we don't have clean air, we can't live if we don't have clean water.

Since that awakening, Ovie works to raise the consciousness of young people and less-engaged diverse communities about this Human-Nature connection, and has organized numerous programs that combine athletics with environmental education. Ovie's latest work is the launch of Gridiron Green, a graphic novel featuring Obasi – a Black superhero -- who defends humanity and protects Earth from the tyranny of destructive forces.  Gridiron Green unites sports and environmental consciousness to raise awareness of climate change and evoke action to mitigate the impacts of environmental degradation and increased occurrences of extreme storms.

Ovie has worked with and been acknowledged by leaders in the Earth protection movement, including sustainability leaders Ted Turner, Al Gore and Van Jones. To serve his innovative work in the environmental protection space, Ovie has developed partnerships with the EPA, NRDC, Sierra Club, Green Sports Alliance, NEXUS, and served on the board with the U.S. Green Building Council.  Ovie was named the number two Eco Athlete in the World by the Planet Green Foundation, was the closing speaker at the White House's Sports and Sustainability Conference, spoke at the Climate Change Awards, and was the emcee for both the Global Green and the Global Climate Action Summit.

“It’s not a democratic, republican, or policy issue,” Mughelli said about protecting the environment. “It’s all about people. The less engaged, diverse communities are most affected by climate change.  It’s all about taking care of our fellow man and preparing our children for the future.”

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