Ovie with some of his OMF Green Team

The Ovie Mughelli Foundation

The Ovie Mughelli Foundation is a 501(c) 3 federal tax-exempt organization that socially, mentally, and physically supports the overall development of youth. Founded in 2009, the foundation formulates and provides quality programs to educate youth on environmental stewardship. We form strategic partnerships with government, corporate, and community partners to increase our outreach and program efforts. We believe that when we give educational resources and information to our children, they are empowered to take an active role in the improvement of their society and community.


Named a Top 5 Eco Athlete by Planet Green, Ovie Mughelli is passionate about football and passionate about empowering kids in under-served communities. As the starting fullback for the Falcons, pro bowler Ovie Mughelli brought his passions together with a concern for today’s youth to ensure that “Our Future is Green.” Ovie believes that if you empower kids by educating them about the environment, you give them a platform to transform their households, their neighborhoods, their communities, and the world.